Aire Puro®

While we enjoy the cosy comforts of our indoor, it is our general feeling that we are completely kept off from the dangerous air pollution created outside due to vehicular exhaust. But… Do you know that indoor air is as harmful as polluted outdoor air! Yes, it is! Our airtight structures block the natural air-cleaning agents provided by nature and trap the pollution created inside by household chemicals, smoking, animal dander, skin flakes, dust and other contaminants. A more serious aspect of indoor air pollution is that many diseases are caused by airborne bacteria and viruses expelled into the air from sneezing, coughing, and ordinary breathing.

Its low-cost, high efficiency air purifiers to tackle this innocently ignored but dangerous problem. Our new Aire Puro® assures a cost-effective solution for your daily medical bills! Aire Puro® Super-Oxidizing sanitizing process called ionization energises stale indoor air and refreshes it with oxygen.

Principle of Aire Puro®

Aire Puro® air purifier generates powerful negative ions via corona discharge. When the unit is turned on, high-energy electrons are emitted, which in turn collide against air particulates to generate anions. Aire Puro®, emits 290 billion electrons per second to purify contaminated air, and maintains anion density at 1000-2000 ea per 1cc of air, which is good for humans.

Firstly, it is not an exhaust fan,which simply throws inside pollutants to outside atmosphere. But Aire Puro® along with high density of anions generates permissible quantities of ozone to neutralize harmful positive ions, electromagnetic waves bacteria, viruses, dust mites, various allergy causing germs, odour, and remove pollution created by electromagnetic waves, dust, other radiations etc. High density of positive ions in the air, promotes secretion of hormones such as serotonin and freehistamine in human body, which quite adversely affects our moods and other physiological functions. Exposure to positive ions may cause asthma, bronchitis, nervousness, tension, irregular menstrual period, languor, mental depression and dermatitis.

The negative ions, by attaching themselves to airborne toxins and dust particles, drop them to a surface or attracted to the Electro precipitator plate (EPP). Ions basically take out the larger pollutants like dust particles in the air. Ozone will take the smell out of smoke and help kill harmful bacteria and viruses. Negative ions take the smoke out & clear the atmosphere to make the air fresh. Positive ions enable bacteria; dust, pollen, mold and contaminated particulates freely float in the air & make it foul. However, anions neutralize and remove them, or charge them negatively so that they are adsorbed and collected by a powerfully charged EPP installed in the air cleaner.

Functions of Aire Puro®

Some major function/features of Aire Puro® are listed and explained below.


Anion chemically oxidizes decomposes and neutralizes the source of odour to remove offensive odour and keep indoor atmosphere pleasant

Sterilization of air

Anions generated by Aire Puro® act as anti-bacterial and anti-viral elements. The negative ions thus released into the air, kill most of the bacteria and viruses (up to 0.13?) and helps keep the air free from bacteria and viruses, which are the main causes of fever, cold, asthma, & likewise ailments. using permissible levels of ozone.

Neutralization of smoke (Cigarette smoke as well as others)

Cigarette smoke consists of many harmful chemicals. 30 to 60 amongst which are the cancer-causing ones. The smoke contains 10% nicotine and the major gaseous pollutant is co2. Aire Puro® neutralizes the nicotine particles and completely disintegrates co2 into carbon and oxygen. Passive smoking could cause Lung Cancer, Heart Diseases etc. Aire Puro® curtails the bad effects of passive smoking & helps you overcome these problems and keeps you healthy?

Aire Puro®

The air we feel at the beaches, near waterfalls, on the hills, is mostly negatively charged air!! Therefore, apart from the above functions, Aire Puro® also acts as an air freshener, by creating a negatively charged ambience around us.

Ambience of the ion density found at different places
Waterfall and Forest50,000 ions/cc
High mountain and seashore5,000 ions/cc
Outskirts and fields700-1,500 ions/cc
Metropolitan park400-600 ions/cc
Boulevard100-200 ions/cc
Apartment in metropolitan area40-50 ions/cc
Tight air-conditioned room0-25 ions/cc
Installation & Maintenance

The Negative Ions are emitted in all the directions and hence the Aire Puro® is just kept on the floor. During this process the negative ions react with the positive ions, other contaminants & thus neutralize them.

The factors that influence the efficiency of the device are as follows.
Application areas

Aire Puro® is useful in all places where there is scope to improve the indoor air quality i.e. where there is bacteria, odour, stink, and air borne particles, dust mites, smoke & other hydrocarbons. Some of the areas of application along with the volume covered by one Aire Puro® are.

Technical Specifications (Subject to change depending on the model)