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GKR Futuretech is a diversified company having its presence in Engineering, Health and Medtech services with Design and manufacturing capabilities with 9+ years experience in field SPM machine design, Heavy Engineering & Automation, Manufacturing of hydraulic presses and other engineering equipments.

Hospitality Services and Digital Transformation are our new age capabilities. Our New R&D products in the HealthTech line is the game changer for the sustainable growth and development of our company.

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Our services are designed to match a variety of needs based on the industry product and development cycle


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Our solutions for the healthcare environment enable health professionals to efficiently manage their hospitals



Best-in-class hospitality services for all your business needs with a commitment to excellence, attention to detail.

Trusted by the world’s best organizations, for 15 years and running, it has been delivering smiles to hundreds of  advisors, organizations, users, and business owners.

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Dr. Asna Zain
    Dr. Asna Zain

    Medical Administrator

    We have collected Swabs in the Operation theaters at TX Hospitals, Kachiguda unit, Hyderabad, for three consecutive days post using GermiBAN a multifunctional sterilization equipment from Neo Inventronix Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. Swabs were found to be sterile i.e., no growth has been reported post 48hrs of aerobic incubation. We are happy with the findings.

    Dr. Sree Sowjanya
      Dr. Sree Sowjanya

      Consultant Physician

      We have been using GermiBan as a sterilizer mode for the last one year. The time taken for fumigating the area is very fast and it definitely reduced the viral load in the department. We regularly use Germiban for the last one year and the maintenance is very very less. Germiban is highly recommended.


        Landmark Hospitals

        We the staff from OT department of Landmark Hospitals, have utilized utilized "GermiBan" from NeoInventronix Pvt. Ltd post surgery in the operation theater. Swabs were sent to the laboratory for any growth of organisms which was subsequently found to be sterile ie. no growth after incubation for three days


          Marketing Manager

          We were looking for an marketing agency who can handle our digital channels and they put an marvelous effort to take them forward. Very supportive and articulate communication. Well set out milestones, deadlines and quick work. Even with the minimal input they come up with innovative thoughts, always solving problems with great original ideas!

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